If you like Pina Colada’s or getting caught in the rain then you sure as HELL like sex games and even meet n fuck games. But, who doesn’t like sex games? I certainly do. This is the story of how I actually got laid by the woman of my dreams all thanks to my love for sex games.

  • Finding That Special Someone

    It’s no secret that finding a fuckbuddy (especially a hot one) can be a pretty difficult task, but that shouldn’t discourage you from trying. It discouraged me, so instead, I just sat at home playing mobile porn games.

    I downloaded about 4 of them, assuming they’d keep me busy for at least a few hours. I got a couple I had seen clips of before and a couple that I’d never seen before but looked good. It’s about to be a really fun time, so I settle into my bed.

    All relaxed and comfy, I was ready to dive into what I thought was going to be a relaxing afternoon of hazardous levels of masturbation.

  • Modern Weaknesses

    People think we have it so great now what, with our fancy tablets and smartphones, wifi and smart TVs. But people who say that have obviously forgotten the one flaw in modern technology that has ruined thousands of lives before even my own.

    Forgetting this flaw, I used my saved up work money to buy myself a brand new speaker for me and my soon-to-be roommates… a Bluetooth speaker. Not just any Bluetooth speaker though. A waterproof one that can connect with a device from longer ranges. That’s right.

    As soon as I fire up my game I’m annoyed because I can’t hear the sound. I could softly hear it, but I thought my phone speakers were just getting bad so I turned them up. Little did I know; they were working fine… and so was my new speaker which was sitting comfortably outside with the power on and connected to my phone.

  • Mistakes and Rewards

    Alright, now keep in mind that I’m not even at MY house. I’ve been partying with my friends at my parents’ place for the past week while they’re in Hawaii, so I’m surrounded by the neighbors I’ve known since I was a child. Fuck.

    All I hear when I open my window is the sounds of some chick on my phone getting fucking P-O-U-N-D-E-D… until I heard another noise. A knock at my front door.

    It’s been years since I’d been that scared. Not since I broke my neighbors brand new lawnmower by driving it through a bunch of fence trimmings. I answered the door and who else could it have been beside the girl next door I had grown up with next door my entire life.

    She came over to return one of my friend’s phones that he has lost in her backyard. I couldn’t even look her in the eye, but then she invited herself upstairs to hang out for a bit, and one thing led to another and .. well.. Let’s just say; she comes over a lot now.

    Anyways… If you like makin’ love at midnight then try leaving your bluetooth outside like an idiot, and you just might be rewarded.