1.) Getting Better With Age

No matter what, the good stability of the GTA series is rooted around the amazing success of GTA V. Take Two’s current money intake revealed that the video game has now sold more than 75 million copies all over the world and was purchased more times in 2016 than in 2015 or 2014, figures that pretty much defy gravity. However, these figures make complete sense when you remember players’ opinion of the series. When GTA players were asked whether the game has gotten better since launch, more than 80% said yes or totally agreed with the question and only 4% didn’t agree. Although it contains a boxed product price tag, people don’t feel like the GTA legacy has aged too horribly. This is almost entirely thanks to the debut of one new feature to the series a little after GTA V came out: GTA Online. This mode, which lets players customize their own character, play through in heists with friends, and screw around in Los Santos, got over original launch obstacles to make itself a more reliable and consistent mode which players adored.

2.) It Brings Video Game Naysayers In

When the first Grand Theft Auto first debuted back in late 2001, gamers were a little skeptical at first and making their dedicated purchase really seemed nearly as important of a milestone as one’s first legitimate pint of beer. Grand Theft Auto, also, was actually viewed as coming of age, with all the risque features and false bravado that comes with it. The series had been handed down into the complete control of Sam and Dan Houser, the two brothers who had noticed its abilities at BMG as a fairly less blood-soaked game called Race’N’Chase. After BMG had abandoned the company, the brothers had developed a new publisher in New York, Rockstar Games; today, Sam still executive produces the titles, while Dan co-writes. Most production still takes place in the location of the first studio that produced the very first Grand Theft Auto in Edinburgh. The Houser team filled GTA III a tasty wit and fearlessness that made it a game that you were happy to play with other people around, people who never even enjoyed video games: even skeptics to gaming, in general, would swiftly be drawn in. Most naysayers to video games as a whole could find themselves giggling mischievously at a particular cutscene, and in a snap, they’d find themselves suggesting that the player should plow through a group of civilians in the hope of pulling in the attention of the cops.

3.) Community For Gamers

In reality, GTA V – such as Minecraft, like Roblox and Counter-Strike – has become a dive area to hang out with friends. It is more a venue than a game. Unlike in hardware years past, when players only purchased sequels to take in their favorite games once again, this is now an age where single redundancies can be remodeled over and over again and reworked for the latest consoles. Los Santos, in this one way, feels like a legitimate city – its real estate destroyed and renovated every three or four years to take notice of new architectural concepts new building technologies, new fads, and styles.

The video below shows the best and worst Grand Theft Auto games, take a look!